Cory brings to the table a unique set of problem-solving skills and experience that is an immense asset to any organization; particularly businesses of any size seeking to adapt, improve, expand and embrace the data-driven decision-making methodologies critical to remaining competitive.
He was very focused on helping drive our initiatives and demonstrated strong leadership skills.
Cory is an exceptional problem solver who excels working in the human domain.
Cory’s strengths are problem solving, autonomy, and adaptability. Combine these with the teamwork, leadership, and sense of mission accomplishment that he honed in combat, and he can accomplish any task that is assigned him.
He took into consideration that we are still in the beginning stages, and did a lot more than was required of him... I would recommend his services to anyone seeking or needing guidance.
Cory would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have him on their team.
Not only did Cory set our organization up for success but he was so successful in what he did that he became the focal point for SharePoint implementation for both Aviation Brigades of the 101st Airborne Division (an absolutely incredible accomplishment).

For a full account of accolades please visit Cory's Linkedin page.


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