Launch Update!

Please join me in Congratulating Larry Driver and Derek Dawson on the launch of their new website.

Man Up, A Veterans Needs Organization, Inc. Strives to provide services to veterans in need by bringing attention to, and addressing directly, the needs the veteran community is not currently receiving aid for.  

Many non-profits are aimed toward assisting veterans, however there are a lot of needs that remain unmet. Homeless veterans lack basic personal hygiene needs and with your help will be able to shower and clean themselves. This may not seem like a big step, but many homeless veterans interviewed expressed concern of embarrassment to seek help because of their lack of personal hygiene. Many Veterans try to bathe in public water sources, which is illegal and can result in costly interactions with law enforcement. 

Many other organizations provide clothing, but most clothing drives don't focus and directly request socks. Homeless veterans have many issues, including disease and health issues relating to their feet. Alleviating some of these issues with the donation and distribution of socks and intact shoes can also remedy the overload of issues presented to the department of veterans affairs.

Along with these services, arrangements are being made to provide preliminary checkups and triage care through the VA to relieve the overload of these simple tasks. The current climate of the VA is inundated with veterans seeking care for easily diagnosable ailments and simple checkups. Relieving some of this pressure will not only care for Homeless Veterans, but in effect changing the way all veterans are affected.

Please help this great organization by donating today.