Leadership Advisory

Leadership can make or break any organization. Leaders are not born, Leaders are made, forged in the crucible of hardship and learning.

Successful organizations utilize leadership and leadership development at all levels. They know that the top down leadership style is rarely effective in today's atmosphere. These leaders understand that continuous improvement is a vital part of how a living organism like their organization will grow. Leaders in this environment understand that they are not the subject matter expert in every category of work and leverage employees and other leaders to ensure success. They hire not to fill the position, but to fill the leadership positions above these positions. They equip these future leaders with the nutrients that grow leaders out of their organizations. 

We at Lubbock Consulting are experts at creating leaders and ensuring your organization has the leadership knowlege to perform spectacularly, has the hiring tools to hire potential leaders, and acts as a retention engine to keep those leaders engaged and employed, long term.

Lubbock Consulting is the only true experience based wisdom in the field of Leadership in the Lubbock Area. Experience based leadership is extremely important in that it provides a full set of knowlege through both academic and first hand experience of running programs, departments, projects, and companies. 

Providing purely experience based or purely academic based advice can be detrimental to your business. Allow me to elaborate.
Traditionally consultants try to advise based on the best practices of 20-30 years in that industry. Having leadership experience in a multitude of industries allows for a more robust view on management and leadership practices resulting in better advice and performance for your business. Someone that is an expert in the aviation industry narrows the view when advising in the same field, just the same as someone that has a narrow view of only one or two industries cannot truly provide great advice to an industry they are not familiar with. The "twenty thousand foot view" of many industries, is truly the best way to provide advice because we are not limiting to one or a few industries, but compiling massive quantities of data from them all.

If you would like to learn more about how leadership consulting can positively affect your organization contact us today.

Cory Myres - Lubbock Consulting

Cory Myres is a serial entrepreneur and wine connoisseur. A Lubbock Texas Native, he enlisted in the US Army shortly after graduating from Coronado High School. After a tour in Afghanistan, with the famed 101st Airborne Division he returned to Lubbock Texas to attend Texas Tech University. As a Red Raider he studied Architecture, Civil Engineering, Statistics, Economics and Graduated from the Rawls College of Business Administration with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship. From then he went on to become certified in Six Sigma as a Black Belt, and Project Management Professional in order to found his business consulting firm, Lubbock Consulting.